Rhode Island Construction Accidents by a RI Injury Attorney

November 20, 2014

Rhode Island Construction AccidentsEvery day, construction workers in Rhode Island and Massachusetts labor in dangerous environments, putting their life and livelihood in jeopardy. By law, contractors are required to implement OSHA safety regulations to ensure no harm comes to the workforce. However, even with taking precautions to protect workers with training, extensive inspections and special equipment, construction accidents in RI and MA are often a consequence of the job. In some incidences, the dangerous hazards cause workers serious injuries and death.

Frequent injuries that happen a construction sites in Rhode Island and Mass. include:

• Falls
• Scaffolding accident
• Electrocutions
• Injuries from machinery and tools
• Being struck by falling objects
• Caught between or inside objects
• Collapsing trenches
• Defective equipment
• Explosion
• Cutting and welding accidents
• Exposure to toxic fumes and chemicals

Most workers injured on the job are covered by insurance under a workers’ compensation program. The program ensures the worker receives benefits to cover medical expenses and partial wages. The amount of benefits are typically determined using specific state accepted regulations and guidelines.

However, the workers’ compensation program is designed to also provide protection to the employer, which limits financial recovery to the injured worker. By accepting benefits through workers’ comp, the employee gives up their right to sue their employer for additional compensation including money for their pain and suffering. However, Rhode island personal injury attorneys often assist injured workers in obtaining additional compensation available under some circumstances.

Third Party Claims in Rhode Island AND Massachusetts(ma)

Due to the structure of the construction industry, a claim seeking compensation for a construction site accident is usually a highly complicated process. Because of that, many injured workers hire skilled Providence personal injury attorneys who specialize in RI construction accidents to evaluate the potential of a third party claim.

Often times, a third party (not the employer) might also be responsible for causing the accident or incident that injured the victim. If the Rhode Island construction accident attorney can prove that the negligence of a third party caused the injuries, they can also be held legally accountable for additional financial compensation.

A third party involved in a Rhode island or MA construction accident could include:

• Equipment rental business
• Multiple contractors
• Subcontractors and their employees
• Property development corporations
• Engineers and architects
• Equipment manufacturers
• Tool companies
• Landowners

Most accidents on construction sites in Rhode island and Providence Plantations are the result of OSHA violations. When a skilled construction accident attorney in Rhode Island can prove a violation directly resulted in the worker’s injuries, third parties might be held financially liable for additional compensation to the victim. These violations could include:

• A lack in providing fall protection
• Defective wiring
• Unstable ladders and scaffolding
• A lack in providing respiratory protection
• Failing to warn construction workers of hazards in specific locations
• Unsafe heavy equipment and trucks
• Site hazards including gas pipes, electrical lines and other energy
• Allowing workers to use equipment without safety guards
• Unsafe scenarios where materials and objects are lifted overhead
• Missing barricades used to block off trenches and excavations

Hiring a RI Construction accident Attorney

Any construction worker injured on the site should seek counsel and advice from a reputable Providence or Boston construction accident lawyer, even if they are collecting benefits through workers’ compensation. When it can be proved that the accident is the result of negligence or carelessness by another, it is often possible to recover financial compensation for tangible and non-tangible damages.

Successful Boston Construction accident lawyers handling MA construction site accident claims can launch an aggressive investigation to seek adequate compensation for the injuries and suffering endured by the injured worker. An experienced East providence personal injury lawyer can evaluate the claim, hire case investigators, speak to eyewitnesses and gather evidence to build a solid case for additional compensation.

Most RI personal injury law firms accept construction accident claims on contingency. This means the injured worker can hire the lawyer’s legal services without any upfront fees. Instead, the RI Construction site accident attorneys are paid from a jury award in a successful trial or through a negotiated settlement out of court.