The Benefits of Hiring a RI Distracted Driving Injury Accident Attorney

December 26, 2014

Distracted Driving Accidents RIDriving a vehicle on city streets and highways in Rhode Island and Massachusetts is both a privilege and an enormous responsibility. Motorists must pay attention and remain focused whenever operating their car, truck, motorcycle or other vehicle. Unfortunately, too many individuals become easily distracted when behind the wheel from a variety of sources inside and outside their vehicle.

Distracted driving creates a dangerous environment that can quickly lead to serious injury or death for motorists, passengers, bicyclists, pedestrians and others. This is because operating a motor vehicle requires a high level of coordination of the driver’s vision and reflexes. Anything that easily distracts the mind or eyes from traveling on the roadway or takes a car driver’s hands away from the wheel can cause an accident.

Driving distracted on roadways happens when the motorist’s cognitive capacity, manual abilities and vision become impaired. The motorist can easily lose their cognitive capacity when their mind drifts away from operating the vehicle to thinking of anything else. This includes texting, reading or emailing while driving. Taking one or both hands off the wheel can create a hazardous condition when the driver loses the ability to control the vehicle while moving. Visual distraction can happen in an instant when motorists divert their eyes from the roadway.

In addition to speaking on a cell phone in Rhode Island and Massachusetts (MA), other types of distractions include:

• Talking or arguing with passengers
• Adjusting the vehicle’s radio/CD/MP3 player
• Dealing with a crying child
• Applying makeup or performing other grooming
• Consuming beverages and foods
• Reaching for objects inside the vehicle
• Reading or watching a video
• Looking at a GPS navigation screen for directions
• Looking at events and objects outside or inside the vehicle
• Texting on the cellular device
• Emailing on a mobile device

Performing any one of the above activities, even for an instant, increases the potential of being involved in a RI or MA automobile, truck or car accident. Driving an automobile distracted puts the motorist’s life at risk as well as others including passengers in the car and others sharing the road.

Distracted Driving Injuries in Rhode Island and Mass.

Because the Providence distracted motorist loses their capacity to maintain control of the vehicle, a distracted driving accident in RI or Massachusetts usually produces catastrophic results. In many incidences, victims involved in these types of RI and Mass. accidents often suffer a variety of injuries that include:

• Temporary or permanent disability from spinal cord injuries and TBI (traumatic brain injury)
• Disfigurement
• Broken bones and fractures
• Organ damage
• Contusions and concussions
• Bruises, lacerations and cuts
• Dismemberment and amputation
• Death

The types of injuries from a distracted driving accident in Rhode Island and Massachusetts can be long lasting and expensive.

Protecting Your Rights

Distracted driving accidents are the result of recklessness and negligence. When others harm victims through their negligence in a vehicle accident, all injured parties can seek financial compensation in Providence Superior Court for the injuries they have endured. As their right to recover financial damages for their injuries, victims often hire a Rhode Island personal injury attorney specializes in distracted driving claims.

Typical compensation and reimbursement for a distracted driving case might include:

• Hospitalization costs and medical expenses
• Lost wages due to missed work because of the accident
• Pain, suffering, mental anguish and emotional distress
• Inconvenience
• Loss of companionship, consortium and quality of daily life
• Funeral and burial costs in a wrongful death case

It is imperative to protect your rights by hiring a Providence distracted driving personalinjury attorney before speaking to any auto insurance company that represents the negligent party. Your East Providence tort attorney can ensure you do not sign a release form, accept a low settlement offer or provide a recorded statement without legal representation.

Woonsocket, Cranston and Warwick Personal injury attorneys who specialize in distracted driving cases provide legal services on a contingency fee basis. They offer a free initial consultation to evaluate your case and can offer numerous options to help you seek financial compensation.

Legal Notice per Rules of Professional Responsibility: The Rhode Island Supreme Court licenses all lawyers and attorneys in the general practice of law, but does not license or certify any lawyer / attorney as an expert or specialist in any field of practice. While this firm maintains joint responsibility, most cases of this type are referred to other attorneys for principle responsibility.

RI & MA Injury Lawyer: Slip and Fall Ice & Snow Shopping Injuries

December 24, 2014

Slip and Fall Ice & Snow  InjuriesThe Christmas and Winter season in Rhode Island and Massachusetts is a wonderful time of the year where busy consumers head to the stores for holiday shopping. In the first days of winter, the weather conditions are often unpredictable as the cold temperatures turn rain into snowy and icy conditions.

Often times, the roadways in Providence and Boston are packed with drivers rushing from work to the shopping malls in a hurry to get to the stores before all the sales are gone. Unfortunately, when the weather conditions produce accumulated amounts of ice and snow, many holiday shoppers in RI and Mass. become a victim of a slip and fall accident.

When the snow falls unexpectedly or the weather produces freezing rain, sludge, or sleet, the outdoor environment often becomes extremely dangerous. The parking lots and sidewalks of the malls and shopping centers often have accumulated snow banks and snowdrifts.

Many times, salt placed on the pavement and the warmer temperatures of the afternoon melt the ice and snow. The melting snow typically produces water puddles, which usually do not have enough time to evaporate before the sun sets. As a result, icy patches and “black ice” can quickly form, causing an unexpected dangerous situation where a slip and fall can occur. In many incidences, the victim suffers serious injuries that include:

• Traumatic brain injury (TBI) and serious head injuries including concussions
• Damaged organs
• Broken ankles, hips and wrists
• Serious cuts, bruises and lacerations
• Permanent injury including paralysis

Legal Accountability in Rhode Island and Massachusetts- Negligence

Retailers, restaurants, stores, malls and other business establishments have a legal duty to ensure that the snow and ice accumulated in the parking lots and walkways are properly cleared in a timely manner. Entryways with melted snow need to be properly mopped up to minimize the potential of a slip and fall accident. When the area is not properly managed or maintained and someone is injured, the business establishment, tenant, property owner and others can be held legally accountable for their negligence. The business can be held legally responsible even if they hire a third party snow removal company to maintain the premises.

Filing a Premises Liability Claim or Lawsuit against a supermarket, bar or restaurant in Massachusetts or Rhode Island

If you, or your loved one, have suffered serious injuries in a Rhode Island slip and fall accident on another’s property, you might have a valid claim for financial compensation. However, proving a Providence or New Bedford slip and fall case is complex and often requires the skills of a reputable Rhode Island personal injury attorney who specializes in RI premises liability law. Having an aggressive Warwick or Cranston slip and fall lawyer to fight your claim is the best way to ensure your rights are protected.

In all likelihood, opposing counsel or the claims adjuster working for the insurance company may accuse you of causing the accident because you did not take proper precautions. Having a skilled Coventry, Cumberland or Johnston Injury attorney on your side can help you avoid unreasonable accusations while holding all responsible parties accountable for their neglect in providing you a safe environment at their business establishment. A skilled Lincoln, Narragansett or Newport premises liability North Smithfield, Scituate or Smithfield Personal Injury attorney can build a provable case by showing:

• The retailer, business owner or establishment did not clear the ice or snow away from the parking lot or sidewalk in a timely manner
• The maintenance personnel did not properly mop up water from slick surfaces, causing your slip and fall incident
• Every party at fault did not properly barricade or provide signage indicating an unsafe condition existed at the entryway, parking lot or sidewalk

Hiring a Warren, Westerly or Woonsocket Slip and Fall attorney is the best way to ensure that you receive adequate compensation while you focus on healing from your injuries. By providing legal guidance and handling every aspect of the case, your Rhode Island slip and fall attorney can ensure that you are treated fairly and receive adequate recompense for your injuries, damages, pain, suffering and emotional anguish from your Providence slip and fall accident during the Christmas season.

RI and MA: Icy Road & Snowstorm Motor Vehicle-Pedestrian Accident

December 24, 2014

Icy Road & Snowstorm AccidentsIn recent years, the Northeast, Massachusetts and Rhode Island has seen more than its fair share of snowstorms leading to vehicle accidents involving pedestrians. In fact, many of these RI and Mass. accidents occur during inclement weather when the storm drops excessive amounts of snow or sleet. Much of the aftermath of mounting snow and ice can last for days after the storm has passed.

In many incidences, the most hazardous part of the snowstorm occurs afterwards when the accumulated snow begins to melt during the warmer daylight hours and refreezes during subfreezing nights, forming huge ice patches often covered by additional snow or icy sludge.

(keep in mind, that in Rhode Island fatal pedestrian-motor vehicle wrecks must be pursued by the executor or administrator of the deceased estate working with a Wrongful death lawyer in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations)

The work of road maintenance crews in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations and in Boston involves clearing the roadway drop salt on the streets in an effort to melt the ice and snow. However, their efforts often create a hazardous condition when accumulated water along curbs and crosswalks are allowed to refreeze overnight when temperatures begin to drop. The icy conditions often cause hazardous conditions, especially in congested areas of the city where pedestrians are sharing the roadway when crossing the street.

In congested areas, pedestrians in Providence and Pawtucket are often at risk to serious injury when involved in a car accident where a vehicle loses control on an icy or snowy patch on the road. In many situations, negligence is involved when road crews do not properly clear the street, or the motorist is driving recklessly under hazardous conditions. In many incidences, an icy road and snowstorm automobile -pedestrian accident is the result of:

• Driver/human error
• Improper road maintenance
• Drunk driving
• Unsafe road design
• Distracted driving
• Defective vehicle parts including steering systems, tires and brakes
• Malfunctioning or improperly designed signs and traffic signals

Serious Pedestrian Injuries in Rhode Island and Massachusetts (MA) as a result of auto crashes

Anytime a pedestrian is hit by a moving object, they are often the victim of serious injuries or death. The impact of being hit by a vehicle can cause the pedestrian to suffer a variety of injuries including:

• Head injury and traumatic brain injury (TBI)
• Partial or full paralysis (spinal cord injury)
• Back and neck injuries
• Fractures and broken bones
• Lacerations, bruises and contusions
• Disfigurement

Financial Liability for Pedestrian accidents in Rhode Island and in Mass.

In most incidences in Rhode Island, the pedestrian has the right of way when walking on sidewalks and crossing the street. When involved in an accident and suffering injuries that were not their fault, the pedestrian likely has a legal claim for financial compensation against all responsible parties. By hiring an attorney, the victim can seek damages and losses that involve recompense for their:

• Medical expenses and hospital bills
• Future medical needs including additional surgery, rehabilitation, tests, procedures and treatments
• Compensation for their emotional injury and mental anguish
• Money to recoup lost wages and future earnings when unable to work because of the injuries associated with the accident
• Loss of support, consortium and companionship

By filing a claim or lawsuit, the RI or MA personal injury attorney can seek compensation from all parties at fault for the accident and injuries. Most cases are settled out of court when the Providence pedestrian accident attorney can successfully negotiate an adequate compensation. In the event that a settlement cannot be reached, the RI or Massachusetts pedestrian accident lawyer can file a lawsuit to take the case to trial from the judge and jury.

In addition to the driver causing the accident, there may be other (third parties) involved. A third party deemed at fault for the Cranston, Warwick or Woonsocket accident with injuries might include road maintenance crews, car manufacturers, auto parts suppliers and other drivers.

Hiring an East Providence personal injury attorney is essential to ensure a successful outcome of the claim. Personal injury lawyers in Rhode Island or Massachusetts who specialize in vehicle-pedestrian accidents involving ice and snow provide services on contingency. This means no upfront fees are required by the victim because the law firm is paid through the award at trial or out-of-court settlement.

In the event that a pedestrian is killed in a car, truck or motorcycle accident then the estate of the deceased acting through the administrator and represented by a RI wrongful death attorney will be the party to pursue compensation as a result of the fatal pedestrian accident.