RI Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Attorney

February 15, 2015

Rhode Island Motorcycle CrashEven though motorcycle riding in Rhode Island and Massachusetts is a cost-effective transportation solution and a pleasant way to enjoy the outdoors, it can be very dangerous. In many situations, riders and passengers involved in motorcycle accidents in RI and MA suffer serious injuries and death. Whether you are a motorcycle rider, passenger vehicle motorist or commercial trucker, it is essential to follow the rules of the road to ensure the safety of everyone around you. The most common types of motorcycle accidents in Boston, providence and Woonsocket involve:

Passenger Vehicle / Motorcycle Collision in Rhode Island (RI)

It is actually a misconception that the vast majority of motorcycle accidents in Rhode Island and Mass. are caused by a biker’s aggressive driving. In fact, accidents involving motorcycles tend to happen because truckers and passenger vehicle motorists never saw the bike on the roadway. If you were involved in a motorcycle accident in Rhode Island or Mass. it is important that you hire a Rhode Island personal Injury attorney or a MA motorcycle crash lawyer.

This is because motorists often have blind spots to the left, right and rear of their vehicle, making it challenging to detect any motorcycle during poor weather conditions or at nighttime. Many motorcycle collisions in RI and MA involving trucks and cars are preventable if everyone remains fully aware when merging onto the roadway, changing lanes or making a turn.

Sudden Stop collision / Accident

Even though most accidents in Rhode island involving rear end collisions between vehicles and trucks do not produce serious injuries, a rear end accident involving a motorcycle can be deadly. This is because motorcycles rear-ending a vehicle tend to make the bike topple end over end causing serious injuries or death.

Additionally, a passenger vehicle or commercial truck rear-ending a motorcycle can cause catastrophic injuries by crushing the biker or passenger. Because of that, it is essential to keep a safe distance between all vehicles, especially motorcycles sharing the roadway.

If a motorcyclist is killed in a fatal motorcycle accident in Rhode Island or Massachusetts then the family, spouse or loved ones must retain a RI or MA wrongful death attorney with experience handling deadly motorcycle wrecks.

Single Motorcycle Accident in Rhode Island or Massachusetts

Many serious injuries and fatalities involving motorcycles in Massachusetts tend to occur as a single bike event when the biker topples, slides or skids the two wheel vehicle on the roadway. In many situations, the bike is involved in a single motorcycle accident during hazardous weather conditions, along curvy roadways, down steep hills or from rider inexperience.

Most single motorcycle accidents in Rhode Island can be prevented. However, the biker will need to avoid road construction, grooves cut in the roadway, railroad crossings, icy streets, uneven pavement, gravel or any other type of road condition that causes sliding or skidding.

Open Door Accident

Motorcyclists traveling busy urban roads in Rhode Island and Mass. cities such as Boston or Providence can experience open door accidents by vehicles parked along either side of the street. Drivers behind the wheel of a parked vehicle along a roadway will often look quickly before opening the door into neighboring traffic. By taking only a quick glance, the motorist often does not see any oncoming motorcyclists. As the door opens into the path where the motorcycle is, the bike can easily hit the vehicle causing a serious accident.

Most “dooring” accidents are preventable in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. All motorists exiting a parked vehicle along the roadway need to fully evaluate their situation before opening a door into oncoming traffic. Likewise, motorcyclists need to remain aware of parked cars and position the bike out of the range of any vehicle door that could be opened along the street.

Motorcycle Lane Splitting

Many times, a motorcyclist will split a lane when traveling between slow-moving vehicles or stopped cars in traffic jams. However, motorcycle lane splitting is extremely dangerous even in stopped or slowed traffic.

Riding While Impaired

Alcohol or drug use is usually a leading factor in many motorcycle accidents, where the biker and passenger suffer serious injuries or death in a collision. Many times, the motorcyclist’s abilities are impaired while traveling at a high rate of speed while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

If you, or a loved one, have been injured in any type of motorcycle accident, it is imperative to hire a skilled Rhode Island personal injury attorney to file a claim for compensation. An experienced RI motorcycle accident lawyer can ensure you receive adequate financial compensation for your pain, injuries, suffering and damages. Rhode island Bike accident lawyers or RI personal injury attorneys will help you get the compensation that you deserve.

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Steps To Take After an Injury In a RI or MA Car Accident

February 14, 2015

What to do after a Car Accident in Rhode IslandIt can happen in a flash. You’re driving down the street, and the next thing you know you’ve been in a Rhode Island car crash. Any time you’re in an accident, it’s a shock, but if you’re injured the situation can be even more confusing and frightening. That’s why it’s always important to know exactly what to do in the case of injury, so you’re prepared in the event that the unthinkable happens.

Call for Help

If you’re injured in a car accident in Rhode Island or Massachusetts and you’re able to get to a phone, the first and most important thing to do is call the police. By doing this, you’ll be able to ensure that you and whoever else is involved in the car accident will get the help they need as soon as possible. Describe the situation to the authorities as accurately as possible when you call including: number of people, if there are any children involved, number of injuries, type of accident, and so on. This will help the dispatcher know which services you need, and can help you and those involved, get help much faster than if you only provide vague details.

Don’t Leave the scene of a RI or MA motor vehicle crash

Never leave the scene of a Rhode Island or Massachusetts (MA.) accident until you are cleared to leave by the police or medical personnel. It is important that everyone stay where they are and in a safe place, and that all of those who were involved in the accident are available to answer questions, give reports, exchange insurance information, and get medical treatment. While it’s acceptable and advisable to move over to the side of the road (if you can) or get out of the way of traffic if you’re located in an unsafe area.

If you can stay where you are without increasing the risk to you or others, do so. When police and medical personnel arrive at the scene, they will help guide you to a safe place without increasing the risk to those involved in the automobile crash and other drivers.

Check on Others

Check on the other passengers of your car first to see if anyone is seriously injured. You should do this while you’re calling for medical help. That way, you’ll have an accurate injury count to provide to the dispatcher. If you’re able to get to the other car to see if they are injured without endangering yourself or furthering your injuries, you may do so. However, if you’re injured, it’s best not to move unless staying in the car poses an eminent threat to your safety.

Solicit the Help of Witnesses

If other people saw the car or truck accident and are standing around the scene (or otherwise available for conversation) be sure to ask them if they’d be willing to talk to the police and medical personnel who arrive. Eyewitnesses can corroborate each other’s stories, and also help to provide support for your claim. Physical evidence is important, but it can only go so far in telling the medical and legal professionals handling your case what happened. Eyewitness testimony can go a long way to proving your case should it go to trial, but they can also provide crucial information for your insurance company and the first responders, as well.

Capture It
Take as many pictures as possible immediately after the RI or MA auto accident/ crash. Even if you can’t leave your car, if you have access to a camera or a smartphone with a camera app, start taking as many pictures as you can. Once the accident has been cleared from the road, it’s much more difficult to determine what happened. The more images you can take, the better your case will be, and the more efficient the legal and medical professionals acting on your behalf can be. Pictures are often the proof you need to convince others of your version of what happened. Also, all the pictures you take may go into your insurance file, so even if it never goes to court, you still might be able to help yourself financially in this manner.

Track Expenses
It’s crucial that you track any medical, legal, or other expenses related to your motorcycle , bicycle or semi truck accident, and keep them in a folder or file that you can easily access. Your insurance company, personal injury lawyers, other medical professionals, and anyone else related to or working on the case will need this information, and it will be particularly helpful to you if you have to go to trial due to your motor vehicle accident.

Remember: safety is your first priority. Gather all the information you can, call emergency services, get to a safe place if possible, and let the professionals do their job and help you and those with you. However, be your own advocate as well by taking pictures, tracking expenses, gathering witness testimony, and keeping a file with all of this evidence. Accidents can happen, but now you’ll be prepared.

Legal Notice per Rules of Professional Responsibility: The Rhode Island Supreme Court licenses all lawyers and attorneys in the general practice of law, but does not license or certify any lawyer / attorney as an expert or specialist in any field of practice. While this firm maintains joint responsibility, most cases of this type are referred to other attorneys for principle responsibility.

Lane Splitting and Motorcycle Accidents Cause Serious Injuries in RI and MA

February 13, 2015

Rhode Island lane splitting accidentsEvery year, many motorcyclists in Rhode Island and Massachusetts are involved in serious accidents including lane splitting that cause injuries and death. A motorcyclist will often split a lane in traffic jams when other vehicles are slowed or stopped on the roadway. While driving the motorcycle between vehicles makes it easier than attempting to keep the bike upright during stop and go traffic, the biker is at greater risk of being involved in an accident caused by carelessness or negligence by themselves or others.

It is illegal for motorcycles to split lanes nearly everywhere, including New England, Rhode Island and Mass. Because of that, the motorcyclist is usually cited and found at fault for the accident. Splitting lanes is an activity that cannot be recommended. Even so, when bikers choose to split lanes in RI and MA, it is best to follow specific precautions that include:

• Operate the motorcycle slowly, carefully and responsibly by avoiding abrupt lane changes
• Remain aware of every vehicle on the roadway
• Avoid positioning the motorcycle in other vehicle’s blind spots
• Operate the motorcycle with headlights on
• Wear reflective clothing and a helmet even in daylight
• Move the motorcycle only slightly faster than the surrounding flow of traffic
• Remain cautious of any vehicle that might be changing lanes
• Honk the horn if any vehicle is encroaching the motorcycle

Finding Fault in Rhode Island and Massachusetts (Mass.)

Insurance companies, claims adjusters and trial jurors consider lane splitting an unsafe practice. As a result, motorcycle operators are often thought to be at least partially responsible or at fault for the collision and any associated injuries or fatalities. Because of that, bikers and passengers injured in lane splitting motorcycle accidents in RI and Massachusetts must hire personal injury attorneys to handle their case for compensation. A skilled Rhode Island motorcycle accident lawyer will investigate the case and look at every aspect of the collision to determine what actions of other drivers played a part in causing the collision.

By investigating the lane splitting motorcycle accident, the lawyer may be able to determine numerous factors that show how others were at fault for the collision. Some of these include:

• The motorcyclist was driving at an appropriate speed
• The biker used caution to maneuver the motorcycle safely around stalled or stopped traffic
• The biker is experienced in handling the motorcycle and has a safe driving history
• Other vehicles made dangerous maneuvers including sudden stops, not using turn signals during lane changes or swerving
• The action of other motorists violating traffic rules played a significant role in causing the accident

The types of injuries involved in lane splitting and other motorcycle accidents in Rhode Island can be catastrophic. Many of these types of collisions cause significant harm to the cyclist that include:

• Head injury or traumatic brain injury (TBI)
• Neck and shoulder injury
• Spinal column damage or back injury leading to permanent or temporary paralysis
• Quadriplegia or paraplegia caused by a severed spinal cord
• Burns
• Lacerations and bruising
• Fractures and broken bones
• Scarring and/or disfigurement

Seeking Compensation

Because the injuries acquired in a lane splitting motorcycle accident can be substantial and life threatening, victims that have suffered harm through the negligence of others can seek compensation through a claim or lawsuit. A competent RI or MA personal injury attorney who specializes in vehicle accidents can ensure that all injured victims receive adequate recompense to cover their medical bills, lost wages from time away from work, pain, suffering, disfigurement, paralysis and other damages.

Speaking with a Providence or Boston personal injury attorney soon is crucial to ensure that all documents and paperwork for financial compensation are filed before the expiration of the state’s statute of limitations. Reputable personal injury law firms in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations and in massachusetts (MA) accept motorcycle accident cases on contingency to help the victims obtain legal representation without the need of paying upfront legal fees.