RI Injury Attorney: Common Premises Liability Claims in Rhode Island

March 31, 2015

Rhode Island Common Premises LiabilityPremises liability claims in Rhode Island  are not restricted to slip and fall cases. Many involve a swimming pool drowning, ceiling collapse, or other incidents happening on private or public property.

Premises liability  in RI is a legal term referring to the individual or entity at fault when someone else is injured or killed while on their property. This type of liability in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations is based on a legal concept that property owners, occupiers or managers have a responsibility to provide visitors, vendors or tenants a reasonably safe environment while on the premises. Visitors can include residents, service personnel,  guests, patrons and customers.

When Negligence Is Involved

Any time a dangerous condition or safety hazard develops on the property, individuals in charge are required to provide a warning to everyone entering the premises. This warning must be made until the hazard is repaired or remedied. If those in charge have knowledge, or should have had knowledge, of any adverse condition with the potential of causing injury or death fails or refuses to handle the issue, they may be held legally liable in the event that someone is injured or killed by the danger.

Not notifying the public or remedying the situation constitutes negligence caused by those in charge. Negligence is the underlying factor in many common non slip and fall liability claims. Any individual hurt by negligence or surviving family members of a loved one killed by the hazard as a legal right to pursue financial compensation to cover their damages from every party at fault.

Common Non slip and Fall Liability Claims in Rhode Island

Premises liability in Providence, Pawtucket and Woonsocket can happen on private, public, personal or commercial properties. In fact, a high majority of claims for compensation  in Rhode island and Providence Planations based on premises liability occur in residences, at restaurants, shopping malls, theaters, motels, hotels, nursing homes, dormitories, entertainment venues, sports arenas, grocery stores, nightclubs, hospitals, apartment complexes, parking structures and office buildings.

The most common non slip and fall premises liability claims  in Providence, Barrington, Bristol, Warren and East Providence may involve:

• Animal or dog bite
• Elevator accident
• Escalator accident
• Drowning
• Amusement park injury
• Assault caused by a lack of security or negligent security

Many premises liability cases  in Rhode island involve injuries or death caused by broken or malfunctioning security gates, improperly supervisor trained personnel, missing or inadequate signage and failing to warn visitors of hazards.

Building a Case for Compensation using a Rhode Island premises liability lawyer

If you have suffered serious injuries in Providence, Central Falls or East Providence, or a loved one has died from the hazard on another individual’s property, you likely have a case for compensation. To ensure you receive adequate recompense, it is important to take steps to help you build your case. These steps include:

• Receive medical attention for your injury right away.
• Document every important and not important memory you have of the event as quickly as possible.
• Document the location of the accident along with the date and time it occurred.
• Obtain contact information of every witness including names, addresses and telephone numbers.
• Document every conversation about the accident you had with others including their contact information.
• Photograph your injuries.
• Have someone photograph the scene of the accident as quickly as possible.
• Immediately report the incident and injuries to the property owner or manager.

Never sign any documentation without first consulting a  RI personal injury attorney or A Rhode Island slip and fall lawyer who specializes in nonslip and fall premises liability claims.

Hiring a Providence Negligence Lawyer who concentrates in personal injury law.

Nearly every type of accident involving premises liability generates physical, emotional and financial consequences that can disrupt family life for years. Because of that, it is essential to hire a RI accident attorney to deal with insurance carriers, claim adjusters, the court system and opposing counsel.

A reputable personal injury law firm in Rhode Island will work effectively and diligently to investigate the scene of the accident. Their efforts can help determine the condition of the property, the on-site hazard and the neglectful actions of property owners, managers, supervisors and occupiers. By building a strong case, the Providence personal injury attorney or RI personal injury lawyers / attorneys can ensure that you receive the compensation you are entitled to for your losses, damages and injuries.Rhode Island Common Premises Liability