Most Common Beach and Ocean Related Accidents in RI and MA

June 21, 2015

RI and MA Common Beach AccidentsSoaking up sunrays and smelling the scent of salty water is equally enjoyable to feeling sand squished between your toes at the beach. A relaxing weekend at the ocean in Rhode island and Massachusetts can instantly turn catastrophic when an angry sea creature, rogue wave, bad weather or poor decision causes serious injuries or death. Below, are the most common beach and ocean related accidents that injure and kill Americans every year. They include:

• #1. Drowning and Near-Drowning – The NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and WHO (World Health Organization) indicate that nearly 380,000 individuals lose their lives to drowning worldwide every year. In addition, millions more are involved in a near drowning because they did not know how to swim or were not wearing effective flotation equipment.

• #2. Attacks by Sharks and Other Sea Life – While an attack by a shark does not happen often, being injured by sea life is a common occurrence. This includes attacks by jellyfish, stingrays and wild sea mammals.

• #3. Shore Break Injuries – Shore breaks are a natural ocean condition where a wave breaks along the shoreline. Many times, in dangerous seas, these conditions are both hazardous and unpredictable. In many incidences, they produce spinal cord injuries and neck injury to swimmers, body surfers and those walking along the shoreline who lose their balance.

• #4. High Tide Injury – Tides can produce a serious threat to swimmers and beachgoers in an area that becomes blocked when the tide rises unexpectedly. Walkers can be cut off from access to the beach in dangerous areas that can quickly overcome the individual when engulfed with rising waters, creating a hazardous condition where drowning or near-drowning can occur.

• #5. Injuries by Lightning – Thunderstorms with lightning in RI and MA can quickly and unexpectedly approach the shoreline or ocean surface, leaving beachgoers, boaters, surfers and swimmers in harm’s way. Being struck by lightning can kill or seriously maim victims.

• #6. Rip Current Injuries – Four out of every five rescues at sea involve rip currents and riptides. The mechanical action of a rip current can quickly tire swimmers beyond their capacity to fight fatigue, which ultimately leads most swimmers to their death. Rip currents usually pull swimmers out to sea before the wave breaks and pushes the swimmer either sideways or up onto the shore.

• #7. Large Surf Accident – Surfers enjoying the thrill and excitement of riding a large wave in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations or Massachusetts (Mass). However, large surf typically create serious safety hazards, even to the strongest surfers with years of experience. This includes those on body boards and surfboards swimming in areas that are not protected by lifeguards.

• #8. Shallow Water Diving – Many of the hazards underwater in Rhode island and Massachusetts in the ocean remain out of view of a swimmer diving in shallow waters. Swimmers can prevent serious injury, broken neck or death by never diving when entering the ocean.

• #9. In Shore Hole Accident – Many accidents occur at an in-shore hole where the bottom of the ocean near the shoreline is significantly deeper than all the area surrounding it. These types of accidents often involve drowning or near-drowning when the victim unexpectedly steps off into a deep hole while walking in the ocean.

• #10. Heat Related Emergency – Not only can beachgoers, boaters, swimmers and surfers suffer serious sunburns while outdoors, many experience unexpected heatstroke or other heat-related emergency. Brain trauma, internal organ damage and death are often caused by heat exhaustion, dehydration and long-term exposure to the sun’s heat. These types of emergencies can be avoided by drinking lots of fluids and minimizing activity levels because the body can easily lose more water at a faster rate than under typical conditions.

Nearly every tragic water accident in Rhode Island (RI) and Massachusetts (MA)occurs quickly, unpredictably and without warning. These types of tragic accidents usually occur to individuals who lack effective safety knowledge including knowing how to swim in ocean waters, swimmers who swim alone, or those swimming in areas not supervised by lifeguards.

If you were injured as a result of the negligence of a third party please contact a Rhode island personal injury lawyer or a MA accident attorney.

Getting Top Value from an Insurance Carrier for a Damaged Car after Accident

June 20, 2015

Building a Case for compensation in  Rhode IslandRecovering from injuries as a result of an auto accident that was not your fault is a bad enough experience all on its own. However, finding out that the insurance carrier covering your claim is reducing the amount they are offering to pay on your damaged vehicle can turn your headaches into a nightmare. Fortunately, there are ways to negotiate top value for your damaged vehicle to make sure that the insurance company provides you enough funds to purchase a suitable replacement.

First and foremost, filing an insurance claim on your own can be more than just a hassle. You will be required to fill out forms, write and send demand letters, make quick decisions and negotiate your own out-of-court settlement. If the amount the insurance adjuster is offering is too low, you will likely need to file a lawsuit in civil court. This is why many victims of a car accident in Rhode Island will hire a RI personal injury attorney who specializes in automobile accidents. The Providence motor vehicle accident lawyer will handle every detail of the claim or lawsuit for compensation.

Building a Case for compensation in Providence Superior Court

A skilled Bristol car accident lawyer working on your behalf will build a solid case for compensation to ensure all of your damages are paid for. In addition to receiving adequate funds to replace or repair your damaged vehicle, your attorney will seek compensation for your injury-associated medical expenses, funds for your pain and suffering, and recovery of all your lost time away from work while you heal.

Building a case requires gathering and preserving evidence from the scene of the Cumberland or Coventry car accident. This typically involves photographs of the scene, the vehicles involved and roadway conditions at the time of the collision. In addition, the Johnston or Cumberland negligence lawyer will obtain the officer’s name who wrote out the accident report and speak to others present at the time to obtain their eyewitness accounts.

Your Riverside or Rumford tort attorney will protect your rights to get top dollar for your damaged vehicle from the insurance carrier. The East Providence automobile crash lawyer does this by having your vehicle properly evaluated by certified auto body repair shops to determine if the car is totaled or can be repaired for less than its value. In addition, the Woonsocket or Wakefield law firm working on your behalf will ensure you receive a rental car during the time your Newport, Burriville or Tiverton auto collision lawyer and the insurance carrier are negotiating the costs of repairing or replacing your car.

Determining the Car’s Value

Determining the actual worth of the vehicle can only be done by calculating its value prior to the accident. If you recently bought new tires, installed the new stereo or purchased value-added upgrades at the time of its purchase, your Pawtucket vehicular wreck lawyer will need to ensure you are fully compensated. Your Johnston, Lincoln or North Providence lawyer will ensure your rights are protected to choose the auto body shop you desire to rebuild, restore or repair your damaged vehicle.

In addition, you may need to seek compensation for any personal property damage in the accident that was not your fault. While Kelly Blue Book, Edmunds and other companies provide accurate and up-to-date information on the value of new and used vehicles, the worth of personal items damaged in the accident will also need to be determined by other means. This could include computer equipment, digital cameras, clothing and other items.

By law, you may be entitled to receive the full dollar amount of all of your property that was damaged or totaled in the accident. However, proving the case of full compensation to the claims adjuster or in front of a judge and jury is best left to the professionals. A Pascoag, Portsmouth or Narragansett personal injury attorney can calculate an accurate pre-accident market value of your vehicle and its post-accident salvage worth in the event it is totaled. Your Rhode Island (RI) lawyer will negotiate with the insurance carrier using information based on the facts, evidence and eyewitness testimony of those who witnessed your accident.