Car Accidents in RI and MA Involving Texting While Driving

In a world where many seem to be continually using their phones while driving, it is becoming more common for car accidents in Rhode island and Massachusetts to result from failure to pay attention. In any Providence or Boston car accident where you suspect the other driver may have been texting while driving, it is important to take certain actions to protect your rights and improve your chances of holding the other driver responsible. If you have been involved in this type of Rhode Island accident, an experienced RI car accident attorney or Massachusetts personal injury lawyer is essential to provide legal advice and assist you through the complicated lawsuit process.

What should you do if involved in a texting while driving accident? If you are involved in an accident and you see signs that the other driver had been texting, there are some things you should do.

First, contact the police. The police will investigate the accident, collect information from the scene, and document important information. An officer typically will collect statements from those involved in the accident and those who witnessed the collision. Sometimes, eyewitness statements may be able to establish that the other driver was texting, or the driver may even admit to texting.

Second, seek out medical attention. If you suffer any injuries, request immediate medical attention. Not only is this essential for your recuperation, the medical professionals will be able to provide testimony and medical records for a potential lawsuit against the other driver. If you continue to suffer aches and pains after the initial treatment, make sure to continue to seek followup treatment.

Third, document everything. Keep detailed records of everything related to the accident. The lawsuit process often takes a long time, so it is important to write down your recollection of the incident and have available the contact information for anyone who could be a witness in court. If possible, take photographs of the accident scene and your injuries. Video and audio record anything pertinent to the situation.

Fourth, contact an experienced Rhode island automobile crash attorney. A RI motor vehicle collision attorney with experience representing those injured in car accidents will know what is needed to file a successful claim. In a texting while driving case, a Providence car accident attorney will know how to subpoena cell phone records to establish that the other driver was in fact texting. The lawsuit process is subject to rules and procedures, with which an attorney will know how to comply. Do not hesitate to contact a RI injury attorney if you are injured.

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