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A broadside accident, commonly called a T-Bone or side impact crash, are deadly. They most commonly occur at intersections where one vehicle impacts another in the side (forming the “T”). Unfortunately, vehicle damage and driver and passenger injury are generally severe in these accidents, but the severity depends on the vehicle types, speed, vehicle weight and other factors.

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Side-Impact or Broadside Crashes | Providence car accident lawyer

Although side-impact crashes make up just 25 percent of all crashes according the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), they account for 40 percent of all deaths and injuries in vehicle accidents. In 2015, 3,800 people were killed in side impact crashes according to data from the U.S. Department of Transportation. Left side (driver side) impact crashes are the most severe and commonly cause injuries to the chest, neck, spine, and head. Left side crashes are more common due to the amount that occur during left turns across traffic. Right side crashes are less common but do happen and can be severe if there is someone in the passenger side of the vehicle.

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Side-impact crashes are more severe, simply because there is less vehicle on the sides to protect the occupants. In addition, it has been found that side impact or broadside accidents do more damage to the body than other types of accidents, according to researchers at the Monash University Accident Research Centre in Melbourne, Australia. Further, studies done at the Northeastern University School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation in Shenyang show that the neck tends to absorb most of the impact, stretching beyond its limits and causing what is commonly known as whiplash.

Concussions are also common in these types of accidents. According to Missouri University Health Care, “there are three levels of concussion severity.” Mild concussions do not cause unconsciousness, if there is confusion, it will last for less than 15 minutes. Moderate concussions do not usually cause loss of consciousness but last more than 15 minutes. Memory loss resulting from traumatic brain injury (tbi) can also occur, along with confusion. A severe concussion can cause a person to lose consciousness and memory as well as have trouble thinking and moving once awake.

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When looking for a vehicle, try to purchase one with side curtain airbags and a high rating for side-impact safety. As of 2009, side curtain airbags are standard equipment on vehicles. Also, when approaching stop lights that are without power (such as during a storm) or any stop sign intersection, always watch for drivers who may not be paying attention. If you have been involved in a side-impact or broadside accident, be sure to contact an attorney. They can sometimes help you recoup any lost wages, or help with medical bills.

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