Drivers Age 20 or Younger Involved in Fatal Crashes stats

There are a number of vulnerable driver demographics that those in charge of the roadways in Rhode Island are tasked to look out for. These would include drivers over the age of 75 and drivers who are 20 and under. Unfortunately, if one isn’t careful there can be an epidemic of accidents involving younger drivers simply because of the immense inexperience they have at the wheel. In that same vein, a recent report presented statistics that show just how this group fared from 2009 to 2013. They tell an important tale that definitely merit some in-depth analysis.

Car Accident in Rhode IslandRhode Island statistics

First of all, the numbers started off high in 2009 and got lower in 2013. For example, in the first year there were 11 fatal crashes in Rhode Island with six young drivers killed. In 2010, that number was reduced to just 6 fatal crashes with four drivers under 21 killed. The number basically held steady in 2011 with a mark of four fatal crashes with two young fatalities and then another four in 2012 with three fatalities. In 2013, the number of crashes rose to seven but the deaths remained low at only two. see website

What caused fatal accidents to decrease among young drivers?

What caused the fatalities to go down? A number of variables played a role. First of all, professionals  became much more vigilant regarding the stats. They focused more on the education plans and that played a huge role in bringing the number down. Second, if one recent report is any indication, they remained loyal to the statistics. Statisticians realize that fatal crashes in the state of Rhode Island will ebb and flow just like any factor. For example, in 2017 the state has already noted that nine people, including three individuals under 21, have already passed away as a result of car crashes.

Officials are aware that they are already losing the struggle this year when it comes to keeping traffic fatalities down in this important group. This is why they are going to crack down on all traffic violations as well. The simple fact remains: these officials realize that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Because of that, they are going to instruct their state troopers to immediately begin vehemently enforcing the laws regarding seat belts, excessive speed, and reckless driving incidents. This is how they got the troubling statistics down from their high of 2009 and this is how they will do it again.


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