RI Premises Liability Attorney |Slip and Fall Lawyers

Slip and fall accidents in Rhode Island and Massachusetts are not the only type of premises liability claim against a property owner, management or landlord. Victims with injuries caused by the negligence of others while on public or private property in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations can file a premises liability suit or claim against responsible parties.

Common types of premises liability accidents in RI include:

• Swimming pool drowning
• Ceiling collapse
• Dog bite
• Damaged stairs causing a stairwell injury
• Slipping on snow or ice
• Broken railing
• Electrocution and damaged electrical wiring
• Building code violation
• Defective sidewalks
• Uneven pavement
• Inadequate lighting on stairway or parking lot
• Lack of adequate construction warning
• Dangerous shelved merchandise
• Elevator accident
• Shoddy material
• Poor construction
• Amusement park accident
• Lack of security-related incident including rape, robbery, assault or battery


A high majority of personal injury cases In Rhode Island involve premises liability accidents. While most incidences occur on commercial property at a retail store, theater, hospital, supermarket, parking structure or parking lot, others involve injury happening in another’s home in residential real estate.

Common examples of any potentially dangerous condition on commercial or RI residential property include wet floors, broken tile, spilt liquids, broken glass or poor lighting.

What Determines Liability in a RI Slip and fall?

The property owner is liable because they have an inherent duty to maintain the premises to ensure a safe environment for workers, residents and visitors. Anytime the premises owner fails in their duties to maintain a safe environment, under the law, they can be held responsible for any condition that causes injury. It is also the duty of the premises owner to take adequate security measures to ensure safety and the prevention of any crime that could harm others.

The injured party can seek financial compensation by filing a claim or lawsuit to cover a variety of expenses including:

• Medical bills
• The cost of rehabilitation or additional surgery
• Lost past and future income
• Property damage
• Mental anguish, pain and suffering

Determining liability of the property owner in Rhode island and Mass. is usually dependent on a variety of factors, which are commonly case-specific. A skilled RI Premises Liability attorney developing a claim for premises liability will be able to prove:

• The unsafe condition was caused directly by the action or inaction of the property owner, which resulted in injuries.
• The property owner, management or employees knew of the unsafe condition and failed to take appropriate action to correct the problem. This might include barricading the area from entry or posting a caution sign.
• The negligent responsible parties knew, or should have known, that the condition was unsafe, when compared to the action a reasonable person would have taken to avoid such an injury or incident.

Taking Legal Steps by hiring a RI personal Injury Attorney

Victims of a premise liability accident must be sure to gather as much evidence as possible, soon after the incident has occurred. This is because a premises liability lawsuit in RI and MA can be very complicated, where proving negligence might be challenging without a comprehensive understanding of the state’s tort law.

Hiring an a Rhode Island Personal Injury attorney or hernia mesh attorney is a solid step to ensure a successful outcome in a premises liability lawsuit or claim. The attorney will take photographs, obtain witness statements and gather documents. Most skilled Slip and fall lawyers in Providence offer a free initial consultation to evaluate the claim and offer legal options on the best methods to proceed.

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