RI Car Accidents Caused by Snowstorm, Icy Roads & Bad Weather

December 6, 2013

Rhode Island Snowstorm Car AccidentsSlick and slippery roads are not a proper excuse for causing a Motor vehicle accident in Rhode Island or Massachusetts. Motor Vehicle operators are expected to reduce their speed and take proper safety precautions to account for black ice, icy rain, sleet and snow covered roads.

Not even a lack of visibility as a result of a snowstorm or blizzard is a valid excuse to get out of liability for an automobile crash in bad weather causing personal injury in Rhode Island or Mass. In nearly all situations a van, car or tractor trailer operator is negligent for rear end collisions, even if the crash occurs when the road or highway is a slippery mess or the black ice on the road is not visible.

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Police officers are often very aggressive in pulling over and ticketing drivers who are going too fast considering the weather conditions. Officers in Rhode Island can ticket a car driver for ‘conditions requiring reduced speed’. Police Officers are trying to prevent pedestrians and motorists from being seriously injured or killed in a motor vehicle wreck when a motor vehicle skids, spins or slides as a result of icy conditions.

Pedestrians are not the only thing a motor vehicle operator must be on the watch for. There are also persons who are skiing, snowboarding, utilizing snow blowers, shoveling or clearing their car of snow on or near the street.

If you injured in a Massachusetts or Rhode Island car crash it is important that you immediately contact a RI Car Accident lawyer or a Massachusetts Personal injury Attorney from Mass or the Providence RI area.

If you are driving an auto or truck during a powerful storm in the winter with a foot of snow and freezing rain and tough driving conditions, it is not going to get you out of being liable for a motor vehicle wreck in RI.

Unfortunately, truck drivers and semi truck operators in Mass or Rhode Island often are in such a rush to get their load to its destination they do not pull their tractor trailer/ big rig over to wait out a dangerous storm! This type of reckless conduct by 18 wheeler truckers often leads to crashes causing personal injury.

Especially in Urban centers such as Boston MA or Providence RI, it is particularly important to drive carefully and watch for pedestrians on the roads or sidewalks. After snowstorm, pedestrians are often force onto the street when the sidewalk is covered with snow
accumulations or covered with ice. It is also important to not get too close to pedestrians who could slip and fall on an icy street, curb or sidewalk onto the path of an oncoming car or truck. If you are injured in a pedestrian accident please consult with a Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyer or a Pedestrian Accident Injury Law lawyer in RI.

It is also imperative that motorists watch out for children who may be sledding near a road or playing in snow accumulations near a neighborhood street. Motorist should anticipate a child playing and not being careful and should reduce speeds and steer clear of all children.Pedestrian accidents that are fatal are particularly sad during the snow filled holiday seasons. Tragically, some car accidents in nor’easters or bad weather conditions are deadly / fatal and can result in years of wrongful death litigation.

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